The Dogwalker

Quotes and Reviews

“A completely captivating film filled with characters you won’t want to leave behind. Directed with wit and care by Paul Duran, the movie boasts a breakout comedic performance by Will Stewart as Jerry, the knockabout dogwalker, and a stunning turn by John Randolph as Isaac. Days later, you’ll still be remembering the soulful and funny world of ‘The Dogwalker’.”— CAMERON CROWE

“This isn’t a retooled genre piece, the tale of a guy and his gun, but an amiably idiosyncratic work that suggests that if Tom Sawyer had been born in the Southland, he might well have grown up to become Kato Kaelin.” — MANOHLA DARGIS Los Angeles Times

“‘The Dogwalker’ is a pleasingly unpredictable stroll across all of the boundaries that we believe separate us—and that actually do. It’s a shaggy-dog tale from start to finish, but one with surprisingly emotional complications and connections.” — BOB STRAUSS
Daily News

“As a cool screen loser, Jerry Cooper is on a par with Paul Newman’s character in ‘The Hustler’.” — MIKE MALLOY NoHo>LA

“This is exactly the kind of gently meandering story the indie boom was built for.” — PAUL CULLUM LA Weekly

“Thoroughly entertaining.” — VENICE MAGAZINE